In Which I Break My Self-Imposed Embargo….

21 Nov

Those of you who may still remember who I am know that there is a certain word which I refrain from using.  It’s silly, I know, but it’s been a way to keep myself “above” the madness that has raged in this country for the past 6 years; I felt that as long as I held my feelings in, I could somehow convince myself that I was better than the Nazis currently in charge.

Well, Fuck.That.Shit.


Fuck Barack Obama, and fuck every single fucking person who fucking didn’t see through his fucking sham of a fucking personality.

Fuck every fucking Congresscritter who had the fucking nerve to fucking defend this motherfucker’s actions for the last 6 fucking years.

Fuck every fucking media whore who fucking carried water for this motherfucker when he ran for fucking office and since then.

Fuck them for saddling us with a fucking narcissist who is going to fucking spend the next 2 fucking years making every American’s life more fucking miserable than it fucking is now, to satisfy his fucking narcissistic rage.

I am fucking mad that this motherfucking motherfucker finally caused me to fucking break my fucking personal embargo on fucking saying/writing/thinking the word “Fuck”.

I am not happy.

F--- Everything.....

Thursday Random

20 Nov

Well, my laptop decided to take a holiday from the wireless connection, so I am using the mini that runs on Windows 7.

No, I’m not crying. I did hug my Linux laptop, though. Anyway, this is a short one but at least it’s done.

thanksgiving manson lol Continue reading

Hooker of the Week

19 Nov

Sorry I am running so late. I have had an unbelievably long week already. But I figured a pic post isn’t that difficult to do.


She does embiggen, so y’all have that going for you. And that’s nice ;)

Shot of the Week

11 Nov


Thank you to all of our past and present veterans for putting your lives on the line so that everyone, from patriot to asshole, can enjoy a measure of freedom.

Today’s offering is a sweet shot. Literally.

layered patriotic shot

Red, White, and Blue

  • ½ oz. Grenadine
  • ½ oz. Vodka
  • ½ oz. Blue Curaçao

Slowly pour each ingredient into a shot glass to create a layered effect. Add them in the order listed above. It should foam just like that. Personally I would skip the vodka (SHOCK!!) and just add whipped cream as the last layer. And don’t forget the umbrella. Jack Capito likes the umbrellas :D

Thursday Random

6 Nov

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Hooker of the Week

5 Nov

Stop pinching yourselves. Yesterday happened.


Time to get to work! Have a great Wednesday :)

Drink of the Week

4 Nov

It’s Election Day and I doubt any of you wish to bother mixing drinks this evening. So I will make it easy on y’all.


I have featured this at the still-offline H&B, but honestly I can’t think of anything more appropriate for today. So while you are splurging on good vodka, don’t forget the popcorn.

evul popcorn

And as always, finish up with some puddin’ for dessert.

choc pudding piggies

Don’t forget to follow Ace of Spades HQ and enjoy the shadenfreude today :)

Thursday Random on Friday Because It’s Halloween Edition

31 Oct

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Drive By

30 Oct

I just wanted to stop and let y’all know the Thursday Random will be posted tomorrow. I have some stuff I have to go take care of and don’t have the time today. It’s not easy writing for three blogs, you know.

Admittedly I don’t write everyday but that’s not the point.

pumpkin shave lol

Anyway, I do hope y’all are getting ready for the candy avalanche tomorrow. Until then!

Damn Near Perfect Woman of the Week

29 Oct

I just can’t bring myself to call her a HOTW.


See why?? Have a wonderful Wednesday ;)


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