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Monthly random?

30 Aug

Well, let’s hope I can get my act together more often than that. Rocketboy has been safely delivered back to college for his sophomore year, and no one here is demanding my attention at the moment. Let’s see what’s in the funneh folder for today.
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Sort of weekly random

19 Jul

Today is Rocketboy’s birthday. He is still sleeping, the birthday pecan pie is baking, and I don’t have anyone demanding my attention at the moment. So let’s have some funneh.
nic cage
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Weekly random

30 Jun

With the revival of Hookers and Booze, I wasn’t sure if I was still needed here, but I figured what the heck.
ice cream
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Wetsuit Wednesday

19 Feb

And thus shall it forever be known.

Presented in no particular order as they were randomly selected from a long line of applicants.

th (1)

th (2)

th (3)

th (4)

th (5)

th (6)

th (7)

th (8)

th (9)

th (10)

th (11)

The day formerly referred to as ‘humpday’

12 Feb

Update for Aggie, it appears there is a disturbance in Sochi.