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Behold the (Republican) Field….

16 Jun

…. and see how it is not barren.

I’m not young by any stretch, but I can’t remember when there were so many candidates vying for their party’s nomination. I like it. I’m jazzed to see a lot of diversity, both physical and mental. They certainly are not punched from the same cookie cutter. We have governors, senators, business peeps, a doctor, and even a former IRS commissioner. There are isolationists and trade advocates, reformers and Constitutionalists, and even the godly and the….less godly. I have my own pet names for some of them, and as usual my pet names are on the nice side because politics are just so ugly that I need some pretty and nice to deal with the crap.

The Legacy- Jeb (!) Bush. Not my fave. That whole Common Core-slash-immigration stance grates like sandpaper on my behind.

The Hair- Donald Trump. He runs as conservative because he can’t breathe over in the Democrat party due to Hillary Clinton taking all the oxygen. Not sure how Bernie Sanders is alive. Possibly formaldehyde, like Keith Richards.

The Perennial- Jack Fellure. He runs EVERY CYCLE. Has for years.

The Equalizer- Ted Cruz. He kicks ass.

The Shootist- Rick Perry. Also kicks ass and will kill anything that threatens him or his dog, and has proved it.

The Sass- Carly Fiorina. Oh em gee she runs circles around the media and does it with a smile on her face.

The Saint- Rick Santorum. He’s got a heart of gold and a brain of lead, but God love him and so do a lot of peeps.

The Brimstone- Mike Huckabee. Sigh….. he’s like the Jim Bakker of the party.

The Charmer- Marco Rubio. He’s charming and has some issues, but his character isn’t one of them.

The Mad Hatter- Rand Paul. Some sound stuff, irrevocably tossed to the side by tin foil and hubris.

The Wannabe- George Pataki. You can run on 2001 for only so long, dude.

There are others still considering a run, most notably Bobby Jindal and Scott Walker among them. So the field with probably be very fruitful by the end of the summer. I only hope it isn’t all nuts 😀

Click Bait for Everyone!!

8 Jun

I’m doing the job no one wants to do.

Sex orgy for the disabled. And yes, their assistants are welcome to join. That’s all I gotta say about that.

Drones deter cheating on exams in China. Takes “Big Brother” to a new and improved level.

Peeps ticked off at woman who shares name with a giant metal chicken. Seems her fans are disappointed at her pushing her habits on everyone.

Can. Not. Look. Away. Better than Tyson vs. Holyfield.

I better quit there. I can’t possibly improve the day after that.

Hope y’all have a better Monday 😀

Hooker of the Week

5 Nov

Stop pinching yourselves. Yesterday happened.


Time to get to work! Have a great Wednesday 🙂

Thursday Random

9 Oct

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Thursday Random, Site Got Hacked Edition

18 Sep

Good day, my friends. I have some rather distressing news to report. Hookers and Booze, that revered site which brings you untold joy every Thursday (and every Wednesday too, but a different kind of joy, I imagine), has been having issues of late, the most egregious of which is being hacked twice in the space of a month. My esteemed boss ArmedGeek has taken the site down until next month, when he will have time to reconfigure the whole thing and update it properly, install a firewall of which Satan would be envious, and in short make the site faster, stronger, better. Until then, I will be posting the Thursday Random and other sundry posts on this here blog. So without further ado, I give you Thursday Random!!

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7 Mar

Yay!! Friday is here, and seems to be in a good mood.

Unless you are up north, still blanketed by Winter, the soulless bitch.

So perk up, ya wankers, and look forward to the weekend!! And if people are bringing you down, make sure to share this with them.

universe gfy lol




So there 😛

Fat Tuesday!!!

4 Mar

But I’ll be nice and not post any fat chicks. Or fat dudes. Or fat.

mardi gras cat

Cats are evul.

mardi gras dog

And dogs are saints.

Have a great Tuesday!! 😀


Because some people bitched and moaned raised concerns.

mardi gras bikini

This Here is a Blog

2 Jul

And this is me typing in the post section.

And me thinking what to write.

And feeling my brain cells fizzle.

I hate it when that happens.

Have some cuteness.

cooler pup


After I get rid of the yappy excuse for a fur rug that is the sheltie.

Ok, have a good week!!

Thursday Junk It

21 Feb

Ha, get it? Junket? Junk it?

Forget it.

obama cheney shooting lol

I would totally pay to see that happen.

I ♥ Dick…Cheney 😀

This Blog, It Lives

7 Feb

I know I have been absent from this here blog. Circumstances with school functions, the accident, physical therapy, and running other blogs have made it difficult for me to blog here. I haven’t had the energy to post here.

Hell, it’s not even my blog!

As things improve, I will try to post more, provided y’all still want this blog to continue. I can’t abandon Uncivil Peasants, not when I have so many good memories of Patty Ann, as well as having a safe berth to vent when I can’t do so at my site. I don’t expect anyone to comment, but in the same vein, I don’t expect anyone to complain about the content, either.

So, I hope y’all have a good one, and feel free to post whatever y’all want 😀