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Hooker of the Week

28 Jan

sexy gal in fishnets

It does embiggen nicely 😀

Financial Planning

12 Jun

I figured this would provide major eye candy for the guys here, automotive as well as ….well, the other type, and also give y’all much needed advice.

Have a great one!!! 😉

Your Thursday PSA

12 Apr

There is much truth in this. Much truth.

Have a great Thursday!!!

Simple and Brilliant

20 Oct

This solution is simple, brilliant, and doesn’t require double tapping.

Shooting them may be more sporting, but this way we can sit back and enjoy the popcorn 😉

Peasant Pumpkins

16 Oct

Yeah, I’m doing this.

Consider it a Public Service Announcement to kids. I love Halloween 😀

Hard to Argue

20 Sep

Not with this logic.

When you care enough to do your best for your kids!!

Have a great Tuesday!! 😀

Signs for Peasants

6 Aug

Sorry for my inactivity around here, but school crap and out-of-town visitors have been interfering in my life.

Forget the bridge, we’re talking sharp edges!!

Yes, people, the other right.

Well, we don’t read, so that’s ok.

That means Dick will have to go to the bank first.

Y’all have a great Thursday 🙂


11 Jul

With the top down, and the wind in your hair:

Or just with the top down:

They can be oh, such fun!!

Enjoy your Monday!

A Beautiful Day

8 Jun

It is, indeed. The sun is shining, birds are singing, dogs are barking at the birds, and though our hearts are heavy, and will remain so for a long time, there is always happiness in the memories.

And also, in llamas.

Find something that makes you happy, and hug it and squeeze it and call him George (SYWM!!!!).


Because Patty Ann would have wanted it here.

Morning Boat

28 Feb


Oh…you meant morning poat. My mistake…