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Hooker of the Week

29 Apr

This week’s eye candy comes by way of DaveC.

rosie jones lingerie

I hope y’all had a good Wednesday and make sure to blame DaveC for this 😀

Hooker of the Week

8 Apr

She seems interesting.

Bikini Girl (1)

And she embiggens nicely.

Have a great Wednesday 😉

Hooker of the Week

21 Jan

And you can thank DaveC for the suggestion.

rhian sugden purple bikini

She embiggens in more ways than one 😀

Weekly Random

16 Jan

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Weekly Random

9 Jan

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Hooker of the Week

7 Jan

Oops, almost forgot I was back 😀


Enjoy your Wednesday!!

Weekly Random

5 Dec

Obviously, I missed doing this on Thursday. Sorry about skipping out last week, but I am stretched so thin I can be on the cover of Cosmopolitan. Anyway, I finally found enough funny to make a post. Quit gathering the pitchforks and enjoy.

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Hooker of the Week

19 Nov

Sorry I am running so late. I have had an unbelievably long week already. But I figured a pic post isn’t that difficult to do.


She does embiggen, so y’all have that going for you. And that’s nice 😉

Hooker of the Week

22 Oct

A bit more subtle than usual, and SFW on top of that.

country blonde

I think she’s SFW. Depends where you work, I guess.

Have a wonderful Wednesday 🙂

Thursday Random

25 Sep

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