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Is This Thing On?

5 Mar


Sure looks like it.

So, how YOU doin’??


Hope y’all have a good day. I’m off to clean the patio 🙂

It’s Wednesday….. Scratch That, Make it Thursday, and This Year Sucks Already

3 Jan


They are predicting SN*W for this area tomorrow.


bacon is life

Hope y’all enjoy your day!!

*wraps parka tightly*

Funneh For J’Ames

19 Sep

The lovely Mrs. Jay in Ames is having surgery today, so he has requested some funneh. I’m out of jokes, so pics will have to do.

The quintessential guy car:


I wonder where Mr. Yellow is?

This never happens to girl dinos.

Total truth:

Hope she has an easy time of it, J’Ames, and sending prayers for her and her surgeon.

Keep us updated!!!

Because Today Will Suck for Someone

13 Jul

You know, on account of being Friday the 13th and all.

At least, you’ll be happy remembering this when Life screws with you today!!

Have, or try, to have a good one!! 😉

Guess What??

13 Apr

It did!!!

Hope y’all enjoy this Friday the 13th!!! 😉

Your Thursday PSA

12 Apr

There is much truth in this. Much truth.

Have a great Thursday!!!

Culinary Masterpiece

18 Feb

I’m going to have to try making these, either in a scooped out biscuit, or just in a cupcake liner. I don’t care as long as I get to eat it.

Have an awesome weekend, my friends, and for those of you in Texas, enjoy the rain!! 😀

From Me to Y’all

14 Feb

Because I ♥ y’all!!


MUAH!!! 😉

Tuesday Truism

25 Oct


Aside the fact that there never is enough coffee, and you can’t have enough chocolate.

Have a great Tuesday, y’all!!

All Bacon Post

20 Jun

First, we have literary Bacon:

Then we have thespian Bacon:

And of course, elemental Bacon:

Ripped off Cross-posted from H&B. Have a great Monday!! 😀


Old, but still fecking hilarious: