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A Few Drive Bys

7 Apr

Byes? Bys? No matter. Time to dust off this blog and….blog.

I posted the Drink of the week over at Sithy. Just wanted to change things up over there. That, and my brother asked me for a link to the next drink post and I figured that was more family friendly than hookers in a saloon.

John McCain threw his hat into the Republican Prez ring, as did Rand Paul. McCain thinks this is his turn. I think he needs to find a hobby suitable for his strengths, like shoveling manure. As for Rand Paul, I like some of his views but I really, REALLY don’t think we need a guy with isolationist tendencies being Prez while Islamic State, AKA Al Qaeda 5.0, is moving to our doorstep. If he can keep the media frothing, though, all the better for Ted Cruz and Scott Walker.

Showtime channel is premiering a documentary called Atari: Game Over, about the infamous “dump” of the E.T. game. Lately, cable documentaries like The Jinx and Going Clear have held my interest better than some crappy TV and whatever H’wood puts out, so I am looking forward to that. I BELIEVE THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE!!!

I hope I am not the only person glad to see March Madness go away. I have nothing against basketball. If people put in as much effort into knowing their current events as they do into putting their bracket together, perhaps the country wouldn’t be in its current ring of hell.

Anyway, time for me to run. I have to take Son to the store and then start dinner. Perhaps later this evening I will have the time to make a bracket for baseball season. And by bracket, I mean buy tickets 😀

Thursday Random on Friday Because It’s Halloween Edition

31 Oct

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Thursday Random, Site Got Hacked Edition

18 Sep

Good day, my friends. I have some rather distressing news to report. Hookers and Booze, that revered site which brings you untold joy every Thursday (and every Wednesday too, but a different kind of joy, I imagine), has been having issues of late, the most egregious of which is being hacked twice in the space of a month. My esteemed boss ArmedGeek has taken the site down until next month, when he will have time to reconfigure the whole thing and update it properly, install a firewall of which Satan would be envious, and in short make the site faster, stronger, better. Until then, I will be posting the Thursday Random and other sundry posts on this here blog. So without further ado, I give you Thursday Random!!

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Recycled Lovelies

3 Apr

Taxes leave me no time for mining gals, so I am going to recycle.

sexy garter girl

sexy girl on table

sexy soccer gal

lingerie and stockings

white lingerie redhead

Hope y’all have a wonderful Thursday 😀


7 Mar

Yay!! Friday is here, and seems to be in a good mood.

Unless you are up north, still blanketed by Winter, the soulless bitch.

So perk up, ya wankers, and look forward to the weekend!! And if people are bringing you down, make sure to share this with them.

universe gfy lol




So there 😛

It’s Monday, and Summer Has Officially Begun

10 Jun

I am still running all over the place. I wish I had time to blather here. Hard to do with six blogs, though.

ming babyAnd now I want to watch Flash Gordon.

Feel free to bitch and moan about anything on this post. That’s why it’s here 😀

We Need A Happy

19 Apr

So much crap going on today, that I felt we needed a distraction of some sort.


I’m calling the plumber today.

alchy question

I’m also calling my doctor.


And I’m calling SWAT.

Y’all have a great weekend!!

It’s Thursday, and I Have No Idea What’s Going On

21 Mar


house village lol

Hope y’all have a good one!! 😀

Ash Wednesday

13 Feb

So I’m not a very nice Catholic. I do blog here, you know!!

ash wednesday lol

Heh! Have a great day 😉

Hey, Monday!!

28 Jan

I hope you feel just like I do this morning!!

chicken lol

And I hope you don’t regret it, either 😀

Have a great day, y’all!!