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Hooker of the Week

29 Apr

This week’s eye candy comes by way of DaveC.

rosie jones lingerie

I hope y’all had a good Wednesday and make sure to blame DaveC for this 😀

Hooker of the Week

18 Feb

It’s Ash Wednesday, and I have had a very tiring week already, so excuse the lateness of the hour.

sexy cowgirl on tractor

Enjoy Hump Day 😀

Hooker of the Week

11 Feb

There was a Girlie Drink for yesterday but I drank it before I could take a photo, so that will have to wait until next week.

blonde in cutoffs

Have a great Wednesday 😀

Who Wore It Best

7 Feb

This post is not for the squeamish. It contains pythons of the reptilian and primate kind.

Welcome to this edition of “Who Wore It Best”! First up, we have newbie on the scene Jennifer Lawrence.

jennifer lawrence python

A splendid pictorial, true. But who can forget the ever beautiful Nastassja Kinski?


And in winter colors, too.

nastassja kinski albino python

So, for today’s open thread, who wore it best? 😉


Hooker of the Week

5 Feb

Sorry I am so late to post, but I had a medical appointment this morning which translated into the afternoon which then became rescheduled for Monday because hey, military!!

VS gal in burgundy teddy

Hope y’all’s day is going better than mine 😉

Hooker of the Week

28 Jan

sexy gal in fishnets

It does embiggen nicely 😀

Hooker of the Week

21 Jan

And you can thank DaveC for the suggestion.

rhian sugden purple bikini

She embiggens in more ways than one 😀

Hooker of the Week

15 Jan

Perennial favorite, it seems. Either that, or it’s just there are so many photos of her everywhere.

kate upton bikini top undone

Have a great Thursday 😉

Weekly Random

9 Jan

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Hooker of the Week

17 Dec


Keep warm 😀