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Weekly Random, Out of Time in Yoga Pants Edition

23 Jan

Apparently, I have been remiss in acknowledging requests by our friend MrFixIt. This week’s random is short, but at least he gets his fill of eye candy.

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31 Mar

I got stuck in a work warp for the last couple of weeks. Not that I am caught up now, but just wanted to drop this here to let our millions of viewers know that we are still alive and kicking here.

Please rate this post and drop a few duckets in the hosts coffee can by the door on your way out, thanks!

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Titillating Treats for Troy on Tuesday

11 Mar


Peruse at your pleasure!

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and… this.


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**updated for a more natural feel**


6 Feb


We have enough pictures of airplane wings now, people who travel. Thanks.

If you ever get attacked by a group of white people, just yell “EVERYBODY CLAP YOUR HANDS!” and they’ll all stop to do the Cha Cha Slide.

Did you hear the one about Dorian Gray’s stool sample? That shit NEVER gets old.

How do you even get a permit to build a city on rock and roll?

Moonwalk away after mugging someone because you’re a smooth criminal.

Dear Garment Manufacturers:  Short Shorts should not come in a size 16. Warmest Regards, People with eyes.

“Who are you wearing?” -red carpet interviewer at the Serial Killer Awards

Glee has ruined that word for me.

“Sorry, I lost the name of that person you just met 5 mins ago. But check this out, I found the complete lyrics to Stairway to Heaven!” – my brain

Ironically its exactly 12 steps from my car to the liquor store.

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I don’t usually look at soft porn on the web, but…

31 Jan

when I do I save the pics and post them here!


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I’m calling it, Broncos 30, Seabirds 24.

The post before Friday’s post

30 Jan

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~~ Luv has asked me to add this political commentary ~~


Open Thread

27 Jan

Since we average about 25 comments per post, this should go fast.  My wife’s car was broke into over the weekend, I feel as violated as Katy Perry getting her first record deal. It’s really cold here and getting colder. There’s a bird on my window sill.

See, open threads are easy.


Like I said… cold.

Weather update!

Snow with a chance of boobs!

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Who doesn’t love a woman in glasses?!

22 Jan

There’s just something about a gal in glasses that really pops my rivets…

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thI can’t quite put my finger on it, but as the pictures will attest, glasses makes a girl appear nicer, smarter, more approachable.

~ some nonsense ~

I’m really into Chomsky, noam sayin’?

I have a horrible sleeping disorder where I have to wake up every morning and go to work.

This guy was all like “I think you’ve had enough beers for one night.” Then I’m all “Fuck you, fridge. Appliances can’t even talk.”

Auto correct can go straight to He’ll

Scientology: The study of scientol.

I think it’s so brave that Rosie O’ Donnell is openly fat

It’s so cute how fish just can’t contain their excitement when you cuddle them.

*** UPDATE ***


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It’s so cold that…

6 Jan


How cold is it?