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31 Mar

I got stuck in a work warp for the last couple of weeks. Not that I am caught up now, but just wanted to drop this here to let our millions of viewers know that we are still alive and kicking here.

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To random or not to random…

20 Mar

I say, random.

If a tree falls down and only a woman hears it, what the hell was a tree doing in my kitchen?

I never know what to do with my hands when I’m at a urinal besides flick the earlobes of the guy next to me.

I’m selling shirts for armless people called Ampu-T’s.

The penis mightier than the sword. ha ha, penis.

“Polar bears can’t jump” — black bears

Ba ba black dude, have u any weed? – Racist nursery rhyme



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does this post seem bloated…?

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Wetsuit Wednesday / The Harvest

19 Mar

Please, keep your applause to a minimum until all contestants have been viewed.

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OK,  now you can applaud.

And, vote.

Also, one for the ladies…


Crimea and architecture

18 Mar

Some fascinating architecture in this formerly free land. Well, just see for yourself.

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And luckily for them, they have hired some great conservators of that architectural history.

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:: UPDATE ::

A simple google search of Crimean women turned up some fascinating examples of the ladies of Crimea engaging with Crimean architecture, luckily enough so that I could appease Troy and keep this post topical. See the gathered examples below.

This lovely creature seems to be enjoying her visit to a beautiful countryside haybarn of some sort. Notice the cantilever? Lovely.

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This beauty is hypnotized by the Baroque architecture of the lake side retreat that her girlfriends brought her to before being shipped, er, departing to her new husband in the west. She seems transfixed in thought and could perhaps not even know that her top has lowered itself to the point of exposing herself almost innappropriately. All is forgiven my dear.
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This poor gal appears to be a local hooker and may be lost to her poor decisions of her past.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

17 Mar

These pics have nothing to do with this holiday, and that’s why I love America!

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Now, get out there and pinch something!

More Random?

14 Mar

Sure, why not!

First, let’s get ready for spring…


Here, how about some motivation.


Don’t go too hard though, excessive rest can be… humorous.


fitness builds confidence!


Use that confidence!


but, don’t be too cocky.


I said..! ah, nevermind… sheesh


that goes for you too ladies.


now get out there and show your swag.


I’ve got your back!



Today is!!!


Fourthsday Randomdom

13 Mar

In the interest of brevity, I’ll keep this short.

If they grew up in the same house and shared a pet, siblings have the same porn name and I think that’s just SICK.

I’m opening up a Battered Shrimp Shelter in my stomach.

It’s been pretty rough going, but I think I finally beat my crippling addiction to sobriety.

That awkward moment when you step on a lego and all the kids scatter because they know SOMEONE must die.

Does anyone know how to take care of a Fern? Asking for a frond.

I ate one of those artisan pizzas and now I can’t stop painting my bathroom.

Hey Feminazis, I sprained my wrist playing softball this weekend, so you can shut up about the “pain of childbirth.”

I wish there was a job that required me to pet a room full of basset hounds all day long.


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Wet T-Shirt Wednesday (NSFW)

12 Mar

As if we needed the disclaimer, but for our lurkers who check in on us as if they were rubbernecking a car wreck, I wanted to offer them the opportunity to click away should the fry cook manager be looking over their shoulder.

Without further ado, I give you – wet boobs under cotton!

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This post is dedicated to our hearty citizens upon whom winter decided it isn’t quite done with yet.  May it be the warm sunshine on your frozen sack this cold March day.

Titillating Treats for Troy on Tuesday

11 Mar


Peruse at your pleasure!

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and… this.


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**updated for a more natural feel**

Fourthsday – The re-coming

6 Mar

As I was planning this epoch, it occured to me that I don’t know what the word ‘epoch’ means.  So, I finished my apple and continued to jot down notes. Here they are in no particular order or pentameter.

“This is the best acid ever. I totally should write some children’s books now.” ~ Dr. Seuss

News to me:  When they wash your hair after a haircut, it’s considered rude to say “your breasts smell like a ham sandwich”.

I wonder if Taylor Swift ever gets one of her songs stuck in her head and also wants to kill herself?

Want to make your teeth whiter? Buy them a Subaru.

Its funny how guys always say they would give their left nut to do something awesome. Why is the right nut so much cooler than the left nut?

My plan to buy a drawing board just fell through. I guess it’s back to th-OH SON OF A…

Nothing kills a good party buzz like the paramedics showing up and acting like drama queens.

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